i dont ship francy i ship frmyself

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  • Everyone: -quiet- Oh Nancy hi!
  • Millie: -loudly- IT'S OPEN!
  • Me: AHHH -falls off bed-
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Am I the ONLY person who liked the renograms?

I like them! I like all of Rentaro’s puzzles!

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What am I even doing

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I feel like Mason and Ellie dated, then he dumped her, so she switched shifts. I think this because Mason says “If you want to see someone cry, Ellie’s always available,” and Ellie knows Mason really well based off of some of her statements.

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If Nancy Drew Actually Aged 


We all know Nancy is immortal a vampire stuck as a teenager forever. But how old would she be if she was really aging throughout the games? I’ve put together a rough timeline to answer this question, and I hope you get some amusement out of it. For obvious reasons, I’m skipping Secret of the Old…

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ficlet 001


Once the zipper was up, the hook fastened, Nancy looked at herself in the mirror.

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Stop you’re going to make me cry in Jiffy Lube

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Nancy Drew at Hogwarts: Kate Drew | Gryffindor
Nancy Drew at Hogwarts: Kate Drew | Gryffindor
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