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The world is neither fair nor unfair
I’m all busted up
It’s a gamble, double down or don’t
Here’s a thought for every man
There’s something cold and blank behind her smile


it’s three o’clock in the morning or maybe it’s four
i fell in love last year
my first crush on an irish girl
you can dance you can jive

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Anonymous ASKED:

I made up my mind a long time ago

Let me tell ya ‘bout a girl I know

Don’t want to think about it, but I see it every day

Me and Billy like to sleep all day, on the floors where we decay

You met her; persuade her; but still she’s miles away

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crystallinedemons ASKED:
ohh me I love this one!

Sing us a song of the century,

Now I like takin’ off,

Put your death mask on,

Spread out like a million locusts covering the sun,

He was the heavyweight king at the age of twenty-one.

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turkeynugg ASKED:

Why don’t you sit right back?

Cast the pearls aside, of a simple life of need

You’re the fighter, you’ve got the fire

Blacktop pavement, cover me

Everywhere you look

Anonymous ASKED:

When I’m at work, ya, I always rush right home for lunch,

As I passed by,

Hope unknown; sometimes just walking is surreal,

And I’d give up forever to touch you,

Caught in a world that’s plagued by something they call “love.”

(seriously, punk music makes for bad poems)

Stop, have a beer; it’s on me.

Enough time’s been wasted, and now I’m faced with our realities and what’s to come of this scene,

So quickly draining away,

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’ve only wrapped two fucking presents.

We’re told we’ve got a brand of pride that nothing can take away.

(omg of all Blink songs to play it had to be happy holidays. I’m in tears)

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differencedetective ASKED:
HI !!!

You can’t break me down,

I am forever is what he said.

Face down on the cold concrete,

Don’t know I’m watching you and every move you make.

Asleep at the wheel….

(wow punk songs make bad poems)

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They did some weird shit in these games really early on.


They did some weird shit in these games really early on.

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