Places I want to visit on Deception Island

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Place I want to visit in Wickford Castle

The screenshots for this game any tiny, so sorry if they look like crap.

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request for all the clever editors in this fandom: can someone do a social media thingy for Bess & Sonny??? 

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"Frank smiled at her, and she smiled back. He was really glad she’d decided to stay, for more reasons than he cared to admit."

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hahaha Nancy’s contacts list is literally just her two best friends, her boyfriend, and her dad. same Nancy, same

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Mona Lisa Ostrum.

It’s a masterpiece!


Mona Lisa Ostrum.

It’s a masterpiece!

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iciclelake ASKED:
i think you'd be the original sck because of how stark and dense your posts are, much like the game. there's always a reason for a post as there is for doing something in the game. even though sck is sorta depressing though i couldn't think of one that was as solid and dense in the things it does sooooo

I really like this answer.

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differencedetective ASKED:
The Secret of Shadow Ranch. Easy answer.

Heeeeere’s Shorty!

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are you kidding me nancy she’s just stealing some food calm down

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If I were a game, which one would I be?

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